Sonal and Tarini Sharma recall how the idea of Tamarind was born…

Cold and damp that day, the winds gusted through Toronto’s downtown canyons, chilling us to the bone. As we considered our lunch options, we agreed, pizza or a sub would not do.

No, it was time for something warm and flavourful, a delicious way to banish the cold and damp – and satisfy some serious curry cravings. Descending into the downtown food court, we looked everywhere… to no avail. Surely others like us crave the pleasure of Indian cuisine, we thought.

That’s when Tamarind was born. It would be an alternative Indian, quick-service restaurant serving food prepared with passion and reflecting the authentic taste of India.

Why Tamarind?
Sweet and tangy – and a good source of antioxidants, carotenes and Vitamin C – the fruit of the tamarind tree is woven strongly into south Indian cuisine. As the tree grows extensively in the Indian subcontinent, Tamarind was also chosen for its last three letters, which are also the first three of India.

Our mission: prepare and serve authentic, consistently fresh and healthy Indian food – employing the highest standards of hygiene and quality control – at everyday, affordable prices.
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